Political Science at UWindsor

Young Diplomats Abroad Program

Erik Stenlund in TurkeyIn 2013, Erik Stenlund was accepted into the program directly from his MA studies in Political Science.

In September he was given a posting in the Political Affairs division at the Canadian Embassy in Ankara, Turkey.

In this position he is involved in the writing of reports, working on issues such as minority rights, economic affairs, and the crisis in Syria. Additionally, he has been learning the day-to-day operations of an embassy and how the diplomatic trade works. Erik has traveled with embassy staff to meet various political and community leaders and also attended a variety of think tank conferences.

Erik states that his "education at the University of Windsor has prepared me for the demands of this experience, especially through developing my writing and communication skills. I'd really recommend this internship to any other students interested in the foreign service. So far, it's been everything I could ask for.”