Political Science at UWindsor

Kiran Phull

Kiran Phull MA ProgramLooking for a setting in which she could apply her research skills to real-world issues, Kiran Phull decided to pursue an MA in Political Science.

The MA program at the University of Windsor allowed Kiran to broaden her methodological knowledge and gave her a deeper understanding of key concepts in International Relations. Since completing her MA in 2012, Kiran has presented her research at conferences and had the opportunity to co-author a chapter with her supervisor, Dr. John Sutcliffe, titled “Crossroads of Integration? The Future of Schengen in the Wake of the Arab Spring” in The EU and the Eurozone Crisis: Policy Challenges and Strategic Choices, edited by Dr. Finn Laursen.

At Windsor, Kiran benefited most from the quality of education, the nurturing faculty, and the many academic opportunities granted by the department. The MA program helped Kiran to refine her research, measurement, writing and critical thinking skills, all of which she has taken back to the advertising world. Kiran has worked as an analyst in the data-driven Marketing Science Department of Critical Mass (CM), where she used multiple analytical tools to measure websites, market trends, and the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. She has presented her MA research at CM, highlighting the public consumption of unsubstantiated data.

She will continue her education by pursuing a PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics (LSE) beginning in fall 2014.