Political Science at UWindsor

Tanya Antoniw

Tanya AntoniwTanya Antoniw began her post-secondary education in 2005 at the University of Windsor, completing a Combined Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and History. She stayed on in the Political Science department to pursue her MA degree in conjunction with the Master of Public Policy joint program offered with the University of Michigan at Dearborn. Tanya valued the combined program as the two programs complement one another well and provide both theoretical and practical knowledge of political science and public policy. Both advanced degrees have been extremely useful in her subsequent employment.

In 2011, while completing her MPP degree, Tanya was hired as a Research and Trend Analysis Specialist at the Workforce Development Board Windsor-Essex (Workforce WindsorEssex).  Workforce WindsorEssex facilitates employment in the local region through research, partnerships and communication. In 2012, she was promoted to Director of Project Management, supervising eight projects aimed to disseminate qualitative and quantitative local labour market information and research to the Windsor-Essex community. In these positions, Tanya authored several reports highlighting the supply and demand sides of the labour market, including Promising Sectors and Occupations Windsor-Essex 2012-2015. In 2013, Tanya was appointed the Executive Director of Workforce WindsorEssex and is responsible for the leadership of the organization and working with many community partners to ensure that the workforce has the skills and training necessary to fill the jobs that local employers are offering.

In thinking about how her BA, MA, and MPP degrees have helped her get started on a career in policy research, Tanya says that she "would like to recognize and thank the faculty of both University of Windsor and University of Michigan at Dearborn for their knowledge and support. The faculty at both institutions are world-class and the knowledge, expertise and advice that they so generously passed along to their students, I still carry with me and apply on a daily basis. The research and communication skills I have developed in the programs are relevant and applicable. The programs also provided me with the opportunity to meet many different people at the student and faculty level, and that has developed into an extensive network which is extremely valuable in my work."