Political Science at UWindsor

Felicia Gabriele

Felicia Gabriele Political Science Graduate AlumniFelicia Gabriele holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Political Science, with a minor in English Literature, from the University of Windsor. After graduating from UWindsor, she attended Queen's University and obtained her MA in History with concentrations in Slavery and Abolition, History of the British Empire, and Intellectual History. Her thesis, Sense, Sensibility, and Anti-Slavery: British Women's Involvement in the Abolition of the Slave Trade, focused on the importance of women as anti-slavery writers, poets, consumers, and activists during the "Age of Sensibility." These exceptional women inspired Felicia to fight modern slavery in her own day and age. She worked as a research intern for the Alliance Against Modern Slavery, and was the lead author on a groundbreaking report, The Incidence of Human Trafficking in Ontario, which was the first of its kind to undertake a comprehensive investigation of human trafficking in Ontario. This report was later cited by the Department of Justice in Bill C-36, The Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. Felicia now lives in San Francisco and works as a Fellow at Not For Sale, an organization working against human trafficking and modern slavery in the Bay Area, Thailand, Peru, Romania, and the Netherlands. Freedom of the individual is her favourite theme in both literature and in life. She continues to seek out opportunities that work towards this most important goal.

Felicia credits her degree in Political Science as being invaluable to her professional and personal development. In her Political Science courses at UWindsor, she learned to think critically, and to research, write, and engage in critical political and philosophical discussions. Her degree taught her to how to think, how to question, and most importantly, how to challenge. She firmly believes that Political Science at UWindsor is so much more than just an academic experience. The Political Science Department was (and still is) her family. She keeps in touch with many of her professors, and she has made lifelong friends in her fellow Political Science classmates. The Department of Political Science at UWindsor set her up for every possible success in life.