Political Science at UWindsor

Katherine Mersch

Katherine Mersch MA Political Science InternshipKatherine Mersch completed her MA in Windsor's Political Science department in 2013 through the internship option at the City of Windsor’s Cultural Affairs Department.

Throughout her internship placement, she was given a number of tasks related to the recruitment, organization and training of volunteers. This experience was a definite asset in obtaining a permanent position with the City of Windsor, as the Snow Angels Program Coordinator. Katherine’s experience at the University of Windsor not only helped her in a practical sense but the research she has completed has given her insight into her current position as well.

"Working through my Master's degree at the University of Windsor not only gave me a theoretical understanding of policy creation and the multilateral world of government. I was able to really begin to understand the struggles of those members of society often forgotten and realize the importance community and social programming, such as volunteerism, plays in their lives."

Katherine even returned to the department in 2014, but as an interviewer for the next round of MA internship applicants!