Political Science at UWindsor

Lyndsay Stecher

Lyndsay StecherLyndsay Stecher completed her BA Honours degree in 2012 in the University of Windsor's International Relations and Development Studies program and received the university's Board of Governor's Medal for graduating at the top of her class in Political Science and IR. After graduation, Lyndsay left Canada to pursue a graduate degree at renowned Oxford University in the UK. Currently studying for her Masters of Science in Global Governance and Diplomacy at Oxford, Lyndsay's research focuses on the workings and ethics of foreign aid, especially the intersection between normative theory and the practical application of aid, a pressing topic often in the media spotlight. After finishing her MSc, she plans to stay on in the UK to work in the international development sector with a focus on overseas humanitarian programming.

Lyndsay describes her move to Oxford and the preparation and support she received from her colleagues and professors at Windsor:

"Oxford has already given me amazing opportunities to be involved in additional research projects focusing on microeconomic initiatives in developing countries, as well as with student-run charities engaged in educational aid programs in Africa. Apart from the enriching academic work, I have been fortunate enough to have access to some of the most enduring traditions of this ancient University, including rowing on a novice team for my Oxford college, University College.

"My overwhelmingly supportive professors at Windsor have definitely played a role in encouraging me to take a place at one of the best universities in the world. During my time at Windsor, I was fortunate enough to receive the Ron W. Ianni Scholarship covering my tuition for four years. I also received the Board of Governor’s Medal for the Social Sciences Faculty each year, and the Board of Governor’s Medal for my program upon graduation. For my third year, I also participated in Windsor’s Student Exchange program, studying abroad in the UK at Keele University. That year remains one of the best of my life and enabled me not only to visit Oxford and tour colleges as I developed my Masters' application but to travel throughout Europe and volunteer in the Middle East. I would encourage any UWindsor student to challenge themselves to reach not only for academic success but to take the opportunity to learn things in the field as well. The scholarships and support I received at Windsor have truly enabled me to live my academic dream."