Political Science at UWindsor

Scholarships and Financial Awards

Dr. JOhn Sutcliffe with some scholarship winners

Department Head Dr. John Sutcliffe (left) with some of the department's many scholarship and financial award winners in 2013. Pictured, from left to right: Mike Gibbons, Chad Curtis, Amanda Alchin, and former Provost Leo Groarke.

In addition to university awards, the Department of Political Science offers a variety of awards and scholarships to undergraduate students upon entry and throughout their degree progress. All eligible Political Science and International Relations undergraduate students are automatically considered for the following scholarships and awards:

Joan Boase Entrance Award in Political Science

E. D. Briggs Entrance Award in International Relations

Terence Keenleyside Entrance Scholarship in International Relations

Robert Krause Entrance Scholarship in Political Science

Trevor Price Entrance Scholarship in International Relations

Bruce Burton International Relations Scholarship
(Year 3 entrants, International Relations)

Zbigniew Fallenbuchl Memorial International Relationships Scholarship
(Year 4 entrants, International Relations)

Akira Kubota Scholarship in Political Science
(Any international student in any year)

Ralph Nelson Scholarship in Political Science
(Year 4 entrants)

Richard Price Scholarship in Political Science
(Year 2 entrants - Honours Political Science)

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Department of Political Science are committed to providing funding for graduate students at the University of Windsor. If you are accepted to the M.A. program, we will do our very best to also provide you with an attractive financial package.

Teaching Assistantships and Graduate Assistantships are also available to students. Please also check the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for information on other scholarships or awards that may apply to you.