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Graduate Teaching Assistantships

The majority of graduate students receive a graduate assistantship although not guaranteed. These usually entail assisting an instructor in one of the department's first or second-year courses by conducting tutorials, counselling individual students, and grading. A full teaching assistantship involves 10 hours of work per week over the fall and winter terms. Partial assistantships are sometimes also available. Assistantships are allocated on the basis of academic merit, departmental needs, and competence in one or more of the areas in which assistantships are available in a particular year. Prospective graduate students will be advised of the current value of teaching assistantships at the time of application. Graduate assistantships will be distributed to applicants as applications are received. Applicants are therefore encouraged to apply early to the program in order to have the best chance of securing an assistantship.  All graduate assistantships are subject to sufficient enrolment in the courses and final budgetary approval.

When applying to our graduate program please inquire about the process so that you may receive the proper forms to apply for an assistantship along with admission to the MA program.

At the University of Windsor, graduate assistants are unionized. Details of the collective agreement for CUPE Local 4580 can be found on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website and on the CUPE 4580 website.

More information on scholarships, awards, and financial aid at the university level.

Application Process is now closed for Winter 2020

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