Accountability to our many stakeholders remains very important, and it is highly likely that governments will continue to expect greater levels of productivity.

We anticipate that the government will move toward the implementation of strategic mandate agreements with each university, but the nature of those remains to be known.

It is often a challenge to bridge the expectations of government regarding accountability and the day to day expectations and work of faculty and staff, but continuing effort to do that will be important as we try to get buy-in to change in response to government priorities and directives.

The overall goals for accountability remain largely the same as for previous years:

  1. Launch the third annual institutional report at the time of the November Board meeting.
  2. Provide an update on our progress under the strategic plan to the Board at its February, 2013, meeting. Continue to develop more and better indicators that reflect the bookends to the plan and that provide meaningful insight into the trajectory of the University of Windsor.
  3. Provide oversight of infrastructure developments, ensuring that there are processes in place to ensure that projects remain on budget.
  4. Continue to ensure that we meet all of our provincial and federal reporting requirements in a timely manner.