Goals for 2018-19


  1. Align all student recruitment and retention activities. Coordinate SEM through the Office of the AVP, Enrolment Management, in collaboration with the Office of the Registrar, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the Centre for Executive and Professional Education, and the deans and heads. Establish enrolment targets with faculties to achieve a strategic mix of students in undergraduate, graduate, domestic, international, full-time, part-time, lifelong, local/non-local categories.
  1. Continue with our highly successful marketing campaign to raise awareness of the University, attract students, build pride, and enhance reputation.
  1. Launch the new Student Information System, the final stage of our UWinsite project (Oracle / PeopleSoft) in November. We have already implemented the new Financial Information System and Campus Solutions. Plan for sustainment beyond implementation.
  1. Focus on support for new and mid-career faculty. Having successfully hired 50 new colleagues through the Strategy Priority Fund 50 initiative (SPF50) and another 5 colleagues through the President’s Indigenous Peoples Scholars program (PIPS), we now need to mentor our new and continuing colleagues.
  1. Work with COU and other universities to clarify the future of the SMA process, including the funding formula and metrics established under SMA2. Continue government advocacy with PSE partners.
  1. Continue with planning and completion of capital projects, including the Science Research Innovation Facility (slated to open November 2018) and the Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre (beginning construction in Summer 2019). At all times, practise fiscal responsibility with capital projects from vision to execution.
  1. Plan for alternative Convocation venues during Lancer Sport and Recreation Centre construction.
  1. Continue deferred maintenance to improve the teaching, learning, living, and working environments on campus. Continue with campus beautification. Replace the University of Windsor sign on the roof of Macdonald Hall.
  1. Finalize the future location of our Law School.
  1. Create a smoke-free campus by 2020.
  1. Develop a policy on free speech on campus by January 1, 2019 to comply with the provincial directive.


  1. Provide the annual report to the Board at the November meeting and post it publicly. Regularly update the Board on both short- and long-term matters.
  1. Provide the campus and community with regular presidential communiqués to showcase who we are and what we do.
  1. Give a keynote campus and community address in 2019.
  1. Maintain accountability in the Windsor-Essex community through public town-gown updates before the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association, Windsor City Council, United Way, and other public service organizations.
  1. Improve and update the University website and its mobile versions as our chief communication vehicle for prospective students, the general public, and our own colleagues.
  1. Produce an economic impact statement for the University of Windsor.
  1. Build on the recent successful collective bargaining with WUFA, and deepen the positive relations between administration and faculty fostered through the Joint Consultative Committee. Enhance the collegial relations with all CUPE and Unifor bargaining units on campus. Successfully renew the 4 Unifor and 2 CUPE collective agreements expiring in 2019.
  1. Meet and surpass all required reporting for federal and provincial governments and funding agencies.
  1. Continue with the enrolment-centred management budget model and work with the Board to provide responsible financial oversight of the University’s operations.


  1. Work to ensure that our students – undergraduate, graduate, domestic, international, full-time, part- time, and lifelong learners – are having an exceptional educational experience both inside and outside the classroom. Provide innovative teaching and learning environments and experiences in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular dimensions.
  1. Support our faculty members, junior and senior, solo or in teams, so that they flourish in their teaching and research, scholarship, creativity, and practice, and receive recognition and support, internal and external, for the work they do. Foster a culture of teaching and research excellence. Provide a campus infrastructure that supports and sustains innovative teaching and research.
  1. Recognize our staff, at all levels and in all sectors of the University, so that they know their contributions are valued and they are an integral part of our success. Provide and maintain safe, accessible, and healthy working environments.
  1. Celebrate our community – UWindsor families, alumni, retirees, volunteers, donors, partners, and employers, whether here in Windsor-Essex, across the river, or around the globe – and keep them vitally engaged with our University.


  1. Work with both the Board of Governors and Senate in their respective roles within our bicameral governance structure to ensure effective communication, collegial relations, transparent operations, and successful execution.
  1. Hold a half-day retreat for the Board of Governors on Saturday, September 22, 2018.
  1. Hold a full-day retreat for the Board of Governors in January 2019.
  1. Complete the search for the next Chancellor by October/November 2018.
  1. Continue good and effective working relations with our student governments – University of Windsor Students’ Alliance (UWSA), the Graduate Student Society (GSS), and the Organization of Part-Time University Students (OPUS).


  1. Make fundraising a top priority.
  1. Review our current operations in fundraising and advancement. Assess our organizational structure and identify the best model to produce results in advancement.
  1. Continue our Place of Promise Campaign.
  1. Maintain public visibility and provide effective communication at all University and community events. In accordance with the Board Bylaw 2.11, serve as spokesperson for the University with local and national media.
  1. Build strong government relations locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally.
  1. Enhance connections with alumni locally, provincially, nationally, and globally.
  1. Deepen our relations with Indigenous students, staff, and faculty. Continue the work begun to bring consideration of Indigenous perspectives to curriculum development. Work with the Aboriginal Education Council and the Aboriginal Education Centre to enhance the recruitment and inclusion of Indigenous people (students, staff, and faculty) in our campus community.
  1. Enhance connections with our retirees and recognize their contributions to the University.
  1. Build a robust list of approved Honorary Degree nominations.
  1. Teach my course on “The Sonnet: A Brief History” for the ElderCollege Distinguished Speaker Series.