Frequently Asked Questions: Master of Medical Biotechnology

Program Format:

The Master of Medical Biotechnology degree is a full-time, course-based stream. All classes are in-class and on campus at the University of Windsor.

Program Length:

This degree begins in September and continues for four (4) consecutive academic terms or 16 months. There is no opportunity to change this format as the courses are strategically placed in sequence.

Course Choice:

There are two (2) business electives. Students will chose from a set group of elective course offerings.

Course Enrolment Blending:

The majority of students in this program will be from outside of Canada.


The Master of Medical Biotechnology program is a fully accredited, self-funded professional program. Students who register in this program are not eligible for government funding such as the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP), and therefore must ensure that they have sufficient financial resources to meet the total cost of their education.

Graduate Assistantships and University scholarships are not available to students who have enrolled in our professional programs. Research Assistantships may be available, but these are negotiated with individual faculty members. Research Assistantships are rare, and there is no guarantee on the part of the program that a position will be available.

There are, however, many opportunities for our students to work part-time, either on-campus or in the community, to help make your education an affordable investment. In addition, our Ignite Work Study program funds approximately 400 part-time jobs on campus for students demonstrating financial need related to basic living expenses and educational costs**. You can learn more about Ignite at

**Please note that not all applicants are accepted into the Ignite program, and work placement success is dependent on the student’s job search success.

Terminal Degree:

This program leads to a terminal degree. That is, it does not in and of itself provide qualifications generally required for admission to a PhD program. Most PhD programs require the completion of a Master’s level thesis as an admission requirement. The MMB program does not offer a thesis completion option. Please contact the office of the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research if you wish to pursue a research-based option.