About Us

Our Executive Team

Mission Statement:

Project Red is dedicated to raising awareness on the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS while dispelling myths and taboos in order to create and promote a safe and educated campus community.

Project Red:

Project Red is a campus club that aims to promote HIV/AIDS awareness on campus and eradicate myths and stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. Project Red is supported by the Aids Committee of Windsor, who helps us educate students on campus about the realities of HIV/AIDS. Project Red hosts a number of events on and off campus to provide students with accessible ways to learn about HIV/AIDS, stigma, and prevention. Specifically, Project Red hosts bake sales, seminars and movie nights for students who wish to learn more about and support our cause. Project Red provides students a path through which they can seek to know their status confidentially and obtain proper counselling should they so desire.

Club Goals:

Project Red seeks to:

  • Break down the stigma and taboos associated with HIV/AIDS
  • Provide preventative materials to students on campus
  • Educate students on the importance of safe sex
  • Provide an avenue for safe and anonymous testing
  • Strengthen awareness about HIV/AIDS on campus by encouraging discussion between students and teachers alike
  • Dispel myths surrounding HIV and AIDS