Applied Social Psychology

The goal of the University of Windsor's Applied Social Psychology program is to educate students as scholars, researchers, and practitioners in various areas of Social Psychology.

The program's combination of course work, research, and practicum/internship experiences provides students with the resources necessary to teach, work, and conduct research in a variety of settings, including university departments, educational and community organizations, government agencies, social service agencies, hospitals, businesses, human resource groups, and management consulting firms. 

What Makes Us Different

  • The diversity of faculty and the different perspectives that are brought to bear on issues makes for dynamic and innovative research projects¬†
  • Strong emphasis on the integration of social psychological theory, research, and practice
  • Collegial and supportive atmosphere with many student-faculty collaborations across specialties

Our program applies social psychology theory and research to improve well-being and solve real-world problems in the following areas:

  • the workplace
  • the community
  • health and the health care system
  • cultural diversity
  • violence against women
  • educational issues
  • applied quantitative methodology

If you would like information about the admissions process for our program, please visit our departmental graduate programs page.

For general questions about the Applied Social Psychology program, please contact the coordinator:

Dr. Charlene Senn

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