Social Media Support

Starting a new Social Media (SM) account?

The Social Media Coordinator can assist you with:

  • Branding your channel;
  • SM audits;
  • SM moderation;
  • Creating visuals;
  • Software and hardware recommendations;
  • Channel integration;
  • Advertising initiatives (Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Snapchat filters)

Tim Brunet
Social Media Coordinator

519.253.3000 Ext. 4046

Getting Help

UWindsor community members can find assistance for social media through

  • Workshops offered by the SMC (published on the daily news and in Social Media);
  • (log in using the organizational login and your uwinID);
  • Connecting directly with the Social Media Coordinator ( or mobile: 226-347-1836


Purchasing hardware is expensive and must be carefully considered due to the cost and rapid innovation of new technology. You should consider purchasing equipment that is easy to use, durable, and easily shared. Some equipment could include a tablet, cell phone, lapel mic, and digital camera. You can book an appointment with the SMC for further consultation.

UWindsor Pictures and Videos


Protect confidential and proprietary information

Do not post confidential or proprietary information about the University of Windsor, staff, students, faculty, or volunteers. Refer to PIPEDA for further information.

Respect Copyright and Fair Use

Follow the copyright and intellectual property rights of others and of the University of Windsor. For more information on copyright and fair use policies please refer to:

UWindsor's Logo is a Protected Trademark

UWindsor faculty, staff, and students must have PAC's approval for use of the UWindsor logo. The UWindsor logo is a protected trademark and its use and representation are protected by law. Refer to for more information regarding the logo, such as use, style, typesetting, colour, and formatting. Our institutional logo registrations can be found in the Canadian Trademarks Database: 0922288, 1628580, and 0918688.

All Social Media accounts that represent the University of Windsor should have a designated faculty and/or staff member as the head administrator of the account. The SM account email should be tied to a University of Windsor email address. When a SM administrator leaves your department, be sure to have the password changed and updated for the new administrator.

Respect University Time and Property

University computers and time on the job are reserved for university-related matters and not personal social media interaction. Please refer to UWindsor's Wireless Network and Digital device policies for further information.

Be Aware of the SM Platform (and Mobile Application) Policies, Risks, and Regulatory Mechanisms

SM platforms have specific processes and settings for handling confidentiality, copyright, user safety, and moderation.  Be aware of these policies and settings in order to protect yourself, and your University of Windsor Community members.


There are several ways to report posts and interactions on SM. You should report to the SMC and/or the SM platform:

  • UWindsor posts that violate the law
  • Posts that may be harmful to yourself or others (bullying, hate speech, death threats, suicidal language, etc) can be reported to the Campus Police, you can also refer to the Emergency Services website for more information.
  • Posts that are harmful to our brand

People that can assist you with posts that threaten the wellbeing, saftey, or legal rights of anyone can be reached at:

Refer to the following websites for information about being safe online:

Additional Resources