Campus Digital Displays

Across campus, there are digital displays (large-screen TVs) that can show messages (slides or video) to the general campus community.
Each display may also show content for a more specific audience (ie. students in Residence, sales in the Bookstore).

List of Digital Displays

Laurier Hall
Macdonald Hall
Cartier Hall
Alumni Hall
Vanier Hall
Marketplace - CAW Centre
Tim Horton's - CAW Centre
UWSA - CAW Centre
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty of Engineering - CEI Building
Faculty of Human Kinetics - Atrium 1
Faculty of Human Kinetics - Atrium 2

Faculty of Law
Student Health Services
OPUS Display
Medical Education Building
ITS Entrance
Health Education Building/Toldo - Lobby
Health Education Building/Toldo - 2nd Floor
University Bookstore - 6 displays in store
Drama/University Players Box Office
Career Services #1
Career Services #2

Digital Display Control

The individual owners of the displays, in some cases, have control over whether the screens are turned on and what feeds are shown on their displays.

Because of this there is no way to guarantee any single message will be seen on every screen on campus (this includes emergency messaging).

The digital screens at the downtown campus (Armouries and SoCA buildings), in the Odette building, Leddy Library and the Welcome Centre are not part of the central digital display system.

The screens within the central system are also used by PAC and Campus Police in emergency situations as part of the university's emergency notification plan.

Displaying Your Content

The Office of Public Affairs & Communications (PAC) maintains central administration over the digital displays subject to the notes above.

The easiest way to have your message shown is to have PAC add it to their default feed.

PAC can create the slides for you or you can send completed slides to them.

  • a full-screen slide is 1280px x 480px, .jpg format
  • slides are displayed for an average of 7 seconds so any text must be brief
  • video can be played but there is no audio on the digital displays

The PAC feed is shown on the majority of the displays on campus.

You may have to negotiate separately with other display owners if you want to have your message on every single screen.

Creating a Feed

There may be instances where you need to consistently create a lot of content and have control over when it displays.

Departments can have a feed created for them. Once a feed is created you can manage your own content from within your Drupal 7 website.

Note: Having a feed does not mean that the content of that feed is being displayed anywhere. You would need to work with PAC and some individual display owners to add your feed to the screens.


If you have further questions regarding the campus digital displays, the display owners or would like a slide added to the PAC default feed, please contact:

John Coleman
Office of Public Affairs & Communications
519-253-3000 x5066