Access to SIS Info Page

Access to Faculty/Staff SIS

Within the University, faculty and staff members are given access to information contained in student records on a strict need-to-know basis only, that is, if they require the information in order to perform their office duties.

Administrative staff (excluding students) in the Dean's Offices and Department Offices, and Faculty appointed as counsellors or program coordinators(this status must be verified by dean or department head), have "Faculty Advisors & Staff Access" which is access to the complete student record i.e. Dars reports, addresses, grades and averages(transcripts), of students ONLY in their faculty or department.

Faculty or sessional instructors teaching courses have "Professors Access" which is access to web page formatted class lists or downloadable class list information.

Returning sessional and limited-term instructors need no longer apply for re-activation of their SIS userid each semester. Assignment of instructors to courses by the departments is now deemed to be the main requirement for access to class lists.

Instructors new to the University and needing SIS access must still complete the Request for Access / Confidentiality Agreement form for submission to the Office of the Registrar.

Class list information can also be obtained from the departmental secretaries who have full access to this information and can either print web page formatted class lists or download the class list information to a file for later use by the instructor.

If your position requires access, please print and complete the Request for Access/Confidentiality Agreement and return to David Wilbur in the Office of the Registrar. Upon approval an SIS account will then be created for you using your assigned UWin Id and an interim password will be emailed to your UWin email address.

Having Password problems? For immediate service contact the I.T. Services Helpdesk ext. 4440. If not urgent, email the I.T. Services Helpdesk, use the Client Service Portal or contact the  Registrar's Office.

Automatic de-activation of regular instructor accounts will occur if not used in the last 9 months!  All other accounts will have automatic de-activation if not used in the last 6 months!

Persons who are given any access to confidential information must be informed of their responsibility to protect this information. Therefore we refer faculty and staff to the University of Windsor Access to Student Records Policy,