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Access to Confidential Data for Research

Official Statistics Canada office on campus

The Statistics Canada Research Data Centre, located on the first floor of the Leddy Library, is a combination of a high-security Statistics Canada office on the University of Windsor campus and a statistical analysis computing laboratory.

It is a branch of the Western Research Data Centre.

Major research projects

Faculty and Graduate level students are allowed access to detailed data for pure and applied research after approval of an NSERC/SSHRC application that has been peer reviewed through a process managed jointly by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council and Statistics Canada.

Stats Canada description of the review process.

A streamlined application process (.pdf) is available for Graduate level courses that use the services of the Research Data Centre to help students gain experience in complex data analysis.

Over 100 detailed microdata sets available

Social Science health and policy researchers now have local access to over 100 confidential microdata sets (unavailable to the public) from Statistics Canada's population and household surveys, including a number of major longitudinal surveys that track the responses of individuals over a period of time and offer a richer source for analyzing social issues than do the traditional, more limited, cross-sectional surveys.

  • Canadian Cancer Registry Data
  • Census of Population
  • General Social Survey
  • Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants to Canada
  • Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics

Get in touch with the RDC on campus

The RDC is located on the first floor of the Leddy Library at the University of Windsor.

General inquiries: wrdc@uwindsor.ca

Fall/Winter Hours (Sept-April):
Tuesday: 1:00-5:00pm
Thursday: 12:45-5:00pm
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