Tri-Council Policy Statement 2 (TCPS2)


Tri-Council Policy Statement 2

The first Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans was released in 1998. In December of 2010, the second Panel on Research Involving Humans was released. The REB would like to inform the campus community that the joint research ethics statement of the federal research agencies -- CIHR, NSERC, and SSHRC -- have just released the first comprehensive revision of the policy. The TCPS 2 adopts a number of changes, among which are:

  • Core principles consolidated
  • Guidelines updated in the areas of: clinical trials, human biological materials, human genetics
  • Terminology (e.g., “participant” instead of “subject,” or “delegated review” instead of “expedited and departmental reviews”)
  • There is an updated chapter on research involving First Nations, Inuit, and Metis People of Canada
  • A chapter on qualitative research
  • Institutional responsibilities associated with security of information

Latest edition of the TCPS on the Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans

The REB provides oversight for all research involving human participants. This applies to: research conducted by any person affiliated with the University of Windsor (in any location); research that seeks to study individuals affiliated with the University; research that occurs on University property (physically or virtually); or that uses any University resource, must be submitted to the REB for review. This applies equally to all faculty, staff, students and administrators.

Research on teaching activities 

Course instructors are frequently interested in assessing the effectiveness of teaching activities. When this is done for the instructor’s own purposes, REB review is not required. When the instructor wishes to conduct research on a teaching approach or systematically gather information about a course, REB clearance is required. The board asks that instructors who plan to conduct research within their courses contact the board to discuss the nature of the activities. When a program is interested in conducting research on courses, REB review is typically required.

Research from outside the University 

The REB has oversight over all research that is conducted on campus and with individuals who are affiliated with the University. You may be approached to take part in a research study that originates from another institution. If you are asked to forward information about a study within the University, the request should indicate that it has been cleared by the REB. If it does not, please send the request to the REB. If you are invited to take part in a study and are uncertain if the REB has cleared the project, please contact the REB. All research that has been cleared by the REB will have a clear statement, “This research has been cleared by the University of Windsor Research Ethics Board.”

Mandatory ethics training 

All individuals who conduct research with human participants must complete the online TCPS2: CORE (2014) training. Primary investigators are responsible for ensuring that all members of their research teams (including co-investigators, collaborators, research assistants, etc.) have completed this training and have a current certificate.

To complete the new tutorial, find the new Course on Research Ethics (CORE) and create or log in to your existing account at the Panel of Research Ethics page

Users are advised to correctly select their institution if their course completion needs to be verified and to use their institution-specific email (e.g. and not Hotmail, Gmail or other private accounts.
Note: For visiting students, staff or faculty, you may manually create an account and enter any email if the person(s) do not have an institution-specific account. By clicking ‘active’ in the new user window, their account will be activated automatically. You will need to send them an email with the URL, their username (their email) and a password that you generate for them. Users can change their password anytime by clicking on the ‘account details’ menu item at the bottom of the tutorial screen.

Contact the UWindsor Research Ethics Board

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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