Authorizing & Setting Up Projects

ORIS requires supporting documentation before requesting that a grant account be set up for a project. ORIS will provide this documentation to Research Finance in order that the account can be established.

Required Supporting Documentation

One of:

  • A letter from the Sponsor on company letterhead, signed by an official of the Sponsor defining the terms of reference of the funding support, i.e. as an unencumbered grant for use for the research program (project title, researcher name) and any expectations for that funding (timelines); OR
  • If the funding is not given as an unencumbered grant, a research agreement (grant, contract or service contract) defining the expectations and obligations of each party

Together with a budget for the project and the ORIS Funding Application Information Sheet and Checklist Form.

Scope of work and budget

Proof of approval of human ethics, animal care or biohazards, where applicable or disclosure to our office the research does not require certifications.

An account will not be activated until notification of certification from the Certification Coordinator. Funds cannot be released until approval of human ethics, animal care or biohazards has been given.

These documents are required for all new projects, renewals and/or amendments to existing projects.

Once ORIS is in receipt of this information, it can set up a project.

Researchers are responsible for knowing what their eligible expenditures are. Since, upon receiving the e-mail with the project/grant information, researchers have access to their funds, this is an excellent time to review the terms and conditions, eligible expenditures, and other details of the project/grant. Agency websites and/or the agreement also contain this information.