Notices of Award, Notices of Decision and Letters of Offer

The notice of decision is a notice of the result of the application or proposal from the agency or sponsor to the researcher.

Tri-Council Grants

In the case of Tri-Council, the notice of decision is sent to ORIS, and ORIS forwards the notice to the researcher.

Sponsored Research

In the case of a sponsored research project, the sponsor usually sends the researcher a letter of offer or an agreement (contract).  The letter of offer and/or agreement contract will list terms and conditions that must be met before funding is released. Researchers who receive notification from the sponsor should send a copy of the letter and/or your response (e.g., your acceptance of the award) to ORIS for processing and administration of the award in compliance with University and sponsor requirements.

ORIS Award Notification and Report Notice

Once a project has been created in the financial system and all criteria for release of funds have been met, the researcher will be notified by Research Finance that funds are available. Neither the agency notice of decision nor the letter of offer is the official notice from the ORIS.

There could be various reasons why a project has not been set up even though a researcher has received notification of award from an agency. For example:

  • ORIS has no record of the award, agreement or contract;
  • The agreement has not been signed by all parties;
  • Human ethics, animal care, biohazards or radiation certification has not been acquired or ORIS has not received notification that certification has been granted;
  • The Agency has placed a hold on the funding;
  • The start date is still in the future.