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Post-Award Administration

Once your application is successful, a new research account must be established; typically one for each agency that is funding your project. A separate account is created for any internal contributions to the award. ORIS facilitates this process in collaboration with the Research Finance Office and Certification Committees, if applicable.

Documentation Required by ORIS to Establish a New Research Account

Research Finance to Provide On-line Accounting Access

Research Finance will provide on-line accounting access to the grant account information through the Financial Information System (FIS) and an FIS Security Request Form must be completed and returned to Research Finance in order to access the FIS account for your award.

Release of Funds Procedure: Projects Involving Animals, Biohazards, or Human Subjects

  • For research involving special requirements (animal, biohazards, or human subjects), ORIS requires a certificate indicating the proposed work has been cleared by the corresponding UWindsor Certification Committee and/or documentation that the researcher is in good standing with the Committee.
  • Once you receive your award notification, ensure that you contact the appropriate Committee Coordinator (ACC, BSC, REB) so they may forward the appropriate documentation to the ORIS to support release of funds. Funds will not be released until the grantholder has obtained the necessary certification(s).
  • For Tri-Council grants (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC), there is a 6-month window following notification of award to submit certification information to ORIS as outlined in the TriCouncil Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). If no certification is received within the 6-month window, ORIS is required to notify the funding agency and your award may be returned to the agency.

Additional Post-Award Administration Resources