Grant-Funded Research Personnel

Hiring and employment of employees is subject to a number of policies that govern his or her treatment. The hiring of grant-supported personnel is also of concern to the administrative unit which also has fiduciary responsibility in ensuring that there is sufficient funding to pay grant-supported personnel. When deciding on the amount or hourly wage to pay grantsupported personnel, you may seek the advice of colleagues in your department/faculty. 

Finance Department information & forms for hiring Research Personnel

If the funding agency does not have guidelines or regulations regarding compensation, the rate of pay is negotiated with the student/non-student on an individual basis, but must fall within University of Windsor policies.

Even though the Tri-Council agencies have removed the policy on maximum stipend allowed for research personnel (Masters, PhD, post-doctoral fellows, etc.), researchers should review the guidelines set out in the “Use of Grant Funds” section of the Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide.

Contact Department Head or Associate Dean of Research for local guidelines or norms


Budget for an additional 14% for statutory benefit costs on top of the rate of pay. More specifically, for all grant-paid personnel, statutory benefits of 10% must be calculated and added to the rate of pay as these amounts will automatically be charged to your grant account. In addition, it must be decided if 4% vacation pay is to be included in or added to the rate of pay or to provide another type of vacation entitlement (e.g. 2 weeks paid).


For Non-Students, payment of discretionary benefits such as medical, dental and vision care are optional and can be paid by the grant (or not), usually only in the case of a one year term or greater. UHIP coverage for international non-students (i.e. OHIP equivalent) is mandatory and can either be self-paid, or paid by the researcher’s grant, if it is an eligible expense under the funding agency guidelines.

Contact Benefits & Records Administrator, ext. 2090, 5th Floor, Chrysler Hall Tower.


A hiring package for University of Windsor students including the “Authorization for Department/Grant Student Employment” is available for pick up at the Human Resources Office.

Contact Human Resources Reception, ext. 2047, 5 th Floor, Chrysler Hall Tower.


A “Recommendation for Appointment – Grant or Trust Funds” must be completed for hiring.

Contact Sandy Mehenka, Secretary to the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, ext. 3987,


Generally University of Windsor students are eligible to work on campus under their study permit.

Contact Mike Houston, Director, International Affairs, ext. 5060,


Must obtain a work permit.

Contact Sandy Mehenka, Secretary to the Vice-President, Research and Innovation, ext. 3987,