April 2015 Research Newsletter

The Office of Research and Innovation Services has Moved

The Office of Research and Innovation Services as well as the Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation would like to remind you that they are now located at the Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre.

The Office of Research Finance will be joining Research and Innovation Services on April 13.

Tri-Council Releases Open Access Policy

A new policy introduced on Friday stipulates that Canadians will have free online access to Tri-Council-funded research. Under the new Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications, all peer-reviewed journal publications funded by a tri-council agency must be made freely available online within 1 year. The policy will apply to NSERC- and SSHRC-funded researchers who are awarded grants after May 1, 2015; CIHR-funded researchers have been subject to a similar policy since 2008.

Researchers can comply with the policy either by "self-archiving" their manuscript with an accessible online repository (such as the Scholarship at UWindsor Institutional Repository), or by publishing in a journal that offers open access within 12 months of publication. "With this new Open Access policy, the Tri-Agencies are adopting a single, harmonized approach to promoting Canadian research to the world. The policy both reflects and facilitates new forms of collaboration that are a hallmark of scholarship in the social sciences and the humanities," said Ted Hewitt, Executive Vice-President of SSHRC. Canada News Release | Full Policy  [Adapted from Academica Top Ten - Tues March 3, 2015]

For more information:
Scholarship at UWindsor Institutional Repository:
Dave Johnston, Information Services Librarian, Leddy Library, 519-253-3000 ext 3208.
Workshop - Open Access and Academic Publishing:
Tuesday, April 21, 2015, 11 am to noon, Willistead Manor - Dining Room
Facilitator: Dave Johnston, Leddy Library
Register: Natasha Wiebe, ORIS

Notes from the Desk of the Chair of the Research Ethics Board

Primacy of informed consent

The Tri-Council released an updated policy statement for research ethics in December 2014, which is available for your perusal at http://www.pre.ethics.gc.ca/eng/policy-politique/initiatives/tcps2-eptc2/.

Among the changes are important clarifications about the primacy of informed consent in the conduct of research. The policy stipulates that research activities will involve the provision of informed consent. Exceptions to the requirement of informed consent are to occur infrequently, and are granted solely at the discretion of research ethics boards.

In light of this requirement, I would like to reiterate two points of advice that the REB has provided to the University of Windsor community for some time:

1) If information is being gathered from or about human participants for a non-research purpose and there is any chance that that the information will be used for scholarly and/or research purposes at a later time, it is essential that consent for future research use of the information is obtained. This consent process can then be submitted to the board for review when seeking clearance for the scholarly / research purpose.

2) On reviewing the consent process, the REB may determine that the consent process used was inadequate in relation to the risks associated with the proposed scholarly activity. The only guarantee that information gathered from or about humans can be used for scholarly, administrative, or other research purposes is to apply and obtain a clearance letter or an exemption letter from the REB prior to the collection of the information.

The board would prefer to work proactively to provide permissions, rather than to deny access to the use of information for scholarly and research purposes.

Dr. Alan Scoboria

Chair, University of Windsor Research Ethics Board

Application Deadlines for Major Agencies

SSHRC Connection Grant – May 2015 competition

  • ORIS deadline for review – April 15, 2015. Applications submitted after this date may receive a cursory review for completeness rather than suggestions for strengthening the proposal.
  • Deadline for submission to SSHRC – By 4 pm on May 1, 2015 (Subsequent Connection Grant competitions have deadlines of August 1, 2015, November 1, 2015, and February 1, 2016.)

SSHRC Aid to Scholarly Journals

  • FAHSS deadline for review (c/o E. Maticka-Tyndale) – May 5, 2015
  • ORS deadline for review – May 19, 2015
  • SSHRC deadline – June 2, 2015, 4 pm (anticipated)

Seeds4Hope (Seed grants for local cancer researchers. For other cancer research funding opportunities, visit the Windsor Cancer Research Group.) 

  • ORIS deadline for Notification of Intent – May 20, 2015  
  • Seeds4Hope deadline for Notification of Intent – May 26, 2015, 4 pm
  • FAHSS deadline for draft application (c/o E.Maticka-Tyndale) – June 9, 2015
  • ORIS deadline for draft application – June 16, 2015
  • Seeds4Hope deadline for application – June 30, 2015, 4 pm

SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

  • Schedule meeting to plan application (c/o N. Wiebe, ORIS) – April 1, 2015
  • FAHSS deadline for review (c/o E. Maticka-Tyndale) – October 30, 2015
  • ORIS deadline for final review – November 16, 2015
  • Deadline for submission to SSHRC – By 4 pm on November 30, 2015.

CIHR Townhall

A CIHR Townhall with UWindsor researchers will be held on Friday, April 24, 2015 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm in Erie Hall G141. Refreshments will be provided.

CIHR Chief Scientific Officer Jane Aubin will discuss changes to CIHR programs and peer review processes.

Reserve your spot at this videoconference with Natasha Wiebe.

Competition to Encourage Students to Find Solutions to Accessibility Barriers

Deadline: April 19, 2015

The Council of Ontario Universities, in partnership with the Government of Ontario, is pleased to present the fourth annual Innovative Designs for Accessibility (IDeA) student competition.

$3000 in prizes! For information on how to submit an IDeA, please visit the How to Submit page.

Annual Event at Devonshire Mall to Showcase UWindsor Research

Our fourth annual "Research Showcase and Outreach to Community" event will take place at Devonshire Mall on Saturday, April 25, 2015.

This is an excellent opportunity for faculty and student researchers to build relationships within our community and let the community know about the amazing research being done at UWindsor. Please contact Nicole Noel in the Office of Research and Innovation Services at nnoel@uwindsor.ca, ext. 3916 if you are interested in participating in this community outreach event.