January 2013 Research Newsletter


Congratulations - Inga on the Birth of your New Baby!


We are so happy your new baby boy is here.
 We send you blessings, love and lots of cheer!
Wishing you much happiness in the years ahead!

Your ORS Friends...

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back! We hope that you have enjoyed a relaxing Christmas and New Year and feel refreshed and ready to begin your new research endeavours in 2013.  The end of 2012 was very busy for the Office of Research Services, as we were involved in several new events and initiatives.  We look forward to continuing to work with each of you in the New Year.  Please drop by our offices in Chrysler Hall Tower (3rd Floor) to discuss future funding opportunities.  We look forward to meeting with you!

Save the Date: Celebration of Excellence - Feb. 27

Mark your calendar now for the Celebration of Excellence in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 4:30pm - 6:30pm. More details will be provided soon.

Academic Development Travel Grant Competition

Deadline: February 20, 2013

Travel grants are available to faculty and librarian members holding probationary and tenured appointments. As well, those holding limited term appointments will be considered providing they are under contract for the year in which the travel will occur. Funds are awarded for presenting an academic paper, poster, or artistic exhibition at a conference. A maximum of $1,000 is allowed for each award. For further information, the ADTF guidelines and criteria for the award, as well as the application form and process for submission please visit the ORS website. Any further inquiries can be sent to Diane Awram in ORS at ext. 3919, e-mail - dawram@uwindsor.

Compute Canada Moves Ahead

The official establishment of Compute Canada is now nearing completion
with the appointment of Bill Appelbe from the University of Victoria in
Australia as the CEO.  He comes with a rich background of experience
after founding the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing (VPAC) and
establishing it as one of Australia’s top independent service providers of
advanced computing services to the R&D sector.  His appointment commences
on January 7, 2013.  A search is currently underway for a Chief Scientific
Officer.  For further information, visit the web site

Compute Canada now has 29 institutional members from across Canada.
I have recently learned that the first application to CFI for a
Major Science Initiative award has been at least partially
successful with the award of $30 million over three years. The next
step will be to develop a new five-year strategic plan to be
completed over the next year-and-a-half.

Meanwhile, progress is continuing on a Provincial initiative to form
Compute Ontario for High Performance Research Computing (HPRC).  At
present, the impact on the provincial consortia (HPCVL, SciNET and
SHARCNET) and institutional involvement is not clear.

High Performance Computer Symposium  (HPCS)    Call for Submissions - Deadline - April 2, 2013

HPCS (the High Performance Computing Symposium) is Canada’s foremost
supercomputing conference – a multidisciplinary conference where computational researchers from all disciplines in industry and academia, computer scientists, and vendors exchange new tools, techniques and interesting results in and for HPC computational research.  HPCS2013 will take place in Ottawa from June 2 - 6, 2013.

The deadline for submissions is April 2, 2013.  For further information, visit https://computecanada.ca/index.php/en/ and click on the "First Call for Submissions.

Gordon Drake,
SHARCNET Site Leader

Reminders: Application Deadlines for Major Agencies

FASS applicants: Share draft applications with Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Studies, ideally 1 week before ORS deadline.

SSHRC Insight Development Grant
New: SSHRC requires a CCV & is launching a new online system
•FASS deadline for review (c/o E. Maticka-Tyndale) – Jan 4, 2013
• ORS deadline for review – Jan 18, 2013
• SSHRC deadline – Feb 1, 2013, 8 pm ET (Try to submit 2 days early to avoid last-minute technical problems on SSHRC’s online system)

SSHRC Partnership Grant Letter of Intent
• FASS deadline for review (c/o E. Maticka-Tyndale) – Jan 18, 2013
• ORS deadline for review – Feb 1, 2013
• SSHRC deadline – Feb 15, 2013, 8 pm ET

CIHR Operating Grant
• Registration on ResearchNET – Feb 1, 2013, 8 pm ET
• Update Canadian Common CV – Asap due to changes to CCV system
• FASS deadline for review (c/o E. Maticka-Tyndale) – Feb 2, 2013
• ORS deadline for review – Feb 16, 2013
• CIHR deadline – Mar 1, 2013, 8 pm ET (Try to submit 2 days early to avoid last-minute technical problems on ResearchNET)

CIHR Dissemination Events Grant
• Update Canadian Common CV – Asap due to changes to CCV system
• FASS deadline for review (c/o E. Maticka-Tyndale) – Feb 1, 2013
• ORS deadline for review – Feb 8, 2013
• CIHR deadline – Feb 15, 2013, 8 pm ET (anticipated)

CIHR Planning Grant
• FASS deadline for review (c/o E. Maticka-Tyndale) – Feb 1, 2013
• Update Canadian Common CV – Asap due to changes to CCV system
• ORS deadline for review – Feb 8, 2013
• CIHR deadline – Feb 15, 2013, 8 pm ET (anticipated)

 CIHR Applicants: Changes to your Canadian Common CV
The Canadian Common CV (CCV) application has been redeveloped. If you had an account on the old CCV application you can access the new application by using your previous username and password. However the following need to be done as soon as you log in:
• Change your password (if required) to meet the new security guidelines.
• Change your reminder questions and answers. On top of a predefined list of questions, you can now add your own question. Note that this is an important step as you will be asked to answer the chosen questions if you ever forget your username or password in the future. It is recommended to use a question/answer pair that can easily be remembered.
• Verify your CV data. During the development process, CV data were migrated, wherever possible, from the old to the new application. You need to make sure that the data was properly migrated by inspecting each section and field; please correct any missing or wrongly formatted data. For your convenience, your old CCV application will be available until further notice at www.ccv-cvc-2004.ca/pls/c3/c3.startup so that you can retrieve data from it.

Pivot Database: Research Funding Opportunities  

Pivot provides the most comprehensive, editorially maintained database of funding opportunities for research, fellowships, travel grants, and more. It integrates with a unique database of 3 million pre-populated scholar profiles which makes finding funding and collaborators in one location quick and easy.

Visit the Pivot database.

Research Data Centre - Leddy Library

The Research Data Centre is an official statistics Canada office that provides Faculty and Graduate Students with the opportunity to do a major research project using confidential microdata from Statistic's Canada's population and household surveys, including a number of major longitudinal surveys that track the responses of individuals over a period of time. Researchers need to apply on-line with an in-depth proposal for a specific project, usually lasting a year, and must go through an RCMP security check before being granted permission to use the RDC for research. On the other hand, the Academic Data Centre is a service of the Leddy Library and has a much broader mandate to help students, staff & faculty to quickly access and use statistical data. The Academic Data centre has four computers loaded with statistical software and patrons can drop by to obtain help.

Please feel free to contact Dan Edelstein, Academic Director for additional information. http://www.uwindsor.ca/rdc/