Important Dates

Jan 3                University office re-open
Jan 4                New Students for Winter term move in
Jan 5                Winter term classes begin
Feb 18-26          Reading week for Winter term
Feb 20              Family Day (University closed)
Feb 24              University offices closed
Mar 13              Extension due date 8:00 am
Apr 5                Last day of classes
Apr 8-21           Winter term final exams
Apr 14              Good Friday (statutory holiday) Offices closed
Apr 22              Residence buildings close*
Apr 24              Alternate final exam day

* Students must move out of residence 24 hours after their last exam or by 4:00 pm on April 22, 2017, whichever comes first.

NOTE:  Dates published or change by the Registrars Office supercede the dates listed above.  All dates listed are taken from the University of Windsor Undergraduate Calendar.

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May 1               ELIP Intersession move-in
May 8               Intersession, 12-week session move-in
May 22             Victoria Day (statutory holiday) no classes
May 27-June 6  Head Start
June 14-17        Spring Convocation
June 18-26        Reading week for 12-week courses
June 19            Intersession classes end
June 22-24        Intersession exams
June 25            Intersession move-out
June 25            Summer Session move-in
July 3               Canada Day (statutory holiday) University closed
July 3               ELIP 3 Fast Track move-in
July 3               Tech Studies move-in
July 17             EAPP Summer move-in

TBA                  Master of Applied Computing – move in
TBA                  Master of Education move-in
TBA                  Master of Engineering move-in
TBA                  PhD Program move-in
TBA                  Other Programs/Coop move-in

Aug 7                Civic Holiday (statutory holiday) no classes
Aug 5                ELIP Intersession move-out
Aug 9                E3 Upgrade move-in
Aug 14-22         12 wk and Summer Session exams
Aug 15              Fall 2017 fees due
Aug 23              12-week session, Summer session move-out
Aug 25              EAPP Summer move-out
Aug 25              Tech Studies move-out
Aug 26              ELIP 3 Fast-Track move-out

TBA                  Master of Applied Computing move-out
TBA                  Master of Education move-out
TBA                  Master of Engineering move-out
TBA                  PhD Program move-out
TBA                  Other Programs/Coop

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FALL 2017
Sept 3               Move-in
Sept 4               Labour Day (statutory holiday)
Sept 7               First day of classes
Oct 7-15            Reading week for all classes
Sept 7               First day of classes
Oct 9                Thanksgiving Day (statutory holiday) Offices closed
Oct 14               Fall Convocation
Dec 6                Last day of classes
Dec 9-20           Fall term final exams
Dec 21              Winter term fees due
Dec 22              Alternate final exam date
Dec 22              Residence buildings close
Dec 23-Jan 2     University closed

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Jan 3                 University office re-open
Jan 4                 New Students for Winter term move in
Jan 4                 Winter term classes begin
Feb 17-25          Reading week for Winter Term
Feb 19              Family Day (University closed)
Feb 23              University offices closed
Mar 12              Extension due date 8:00 am
Apr 6                Last day of classes
Apr 9-21            Winter term final exams
Mar 30              Good Friday (statutory holiday) Offices closed
Apr 22               Alternate final exam day
Apr 22               Residence buildings close

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