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About Us


Our Mission:

To provide a safe and comfortable living environment that promotes and supports resident engagement, growth, and achievement.


Our Values:


We are committed to working as a team and to connecting with our partners on campus and in the community to enhance the resident experience. We strive to engage students through creative, innovative, and dynamic opportunities.


We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and barrier-free environment in the heart of campus. We seek and value open communication with our stakeholders.


We are committed to a high level of regard for all and relate to our staff and students on a personal level. We support and encourage each person's efforts in creating a home environment where our residents feel valued and a sense of belonging. 


We are committed to providing quality customer service based on our combined knowledge, experience, and established standards. We present ourselves in a positive, friendly, and consistent manner.


We are committed to transparency and responsive service. We will honour and fulfil our commitments to each person we serve and to each other.