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Upcoming Events

Archilecture - Donald Schmitt,

Architecture as an Agent of Transformation. 

THURSDAY, JANUARY 30, 2020 @ 7:00 PM



37 University Avenue East, Windsor, ON N9A 3A4

Hi WURA Members,

I'm passing along some information about an upcoming event on January 30th being sponsored by the VABE program as part of our 10 year Anniversary celebration. I remember how interested the WURA members were about architecture when I gave the tour of the Armouries and SoCA building a couple of years ago. So I think this lecture by Donald Schmitt would be quite interesting to many of our WURA members. Donald is a distinguished and well known Canadian architect. His firm has done many noteworthy buildings across Canada, the USA, Europe, and Asia, and it is his firm that is doing the renovations for the Ron Ianni Law School which the President discussed at WURA's Fall AGM. Just this past fall Donald received the Order of Canada for his innovative architecture and extensive community work. Anyway, if you could pass this information along to our members that would be appreciated and post it on our Webpage that would be great.

Regards, Veronika

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