Search for Seventh President and Vice-Chancellor

Update on the Search for the Seventh President and Vice-Chancellor 

The University of Windsor Board of Governors has announced that the search for the seventh president and vice-chancellor will not conclude by June 30, 2018, when current president Alan Wildeman is set to conclude his term. The search committee had identified a highly preferred candidate from a broad and diverse pool of applicants, who, for personal reasons unrelated to the University of Windsor, declined the offer.

In reaching this conclusion, the board recognized that it is not realistic to identify a new preferred candidate in the short time frame remaining between now and June. The board also recognizes that this is a very positive time for the University of Windsor. Even though there are a number of presidential searches happening provincially and nationally, the opportunity at Windsor is highly attractive, and the board has advised the search committee to renew its efforts in the coming academic year, and is grateful to the committee’s members for their continuing dedication to the task. The search committee remains committed to identifying the candidate who best fits the position profile and mandate that were developed through wide community consultation.

The board will be making a statement in the coming weeks about an interim strategy until a new president and vice-chancellor is identified. (March 1, 2018)

Search Committee Membership

  • Sheila MacKinnon (Chair)
  • Reem Bahdi
  • Norbert Hartmann
  • Chris Houser
  • Ahmed Khalifa
  • Alice Miller
  • Kathryn Pasquach
  • Teresa Piruzza
  • William Willis
  • Bill Wright

Equity Assessor—non-voting member
Daniella Beaulieu

Committee Support
Renée Wintermute, University Secretary

Search Process

1.  Consultations

The key priorities for the next President were refined and the ideal candidate profile developed following extensive consultation with key stakeholders who were asked to provide feedback on questions listed below: 

  • What are the local, provincial, national or global trends that will have the greatest impact for the University of Windsor over the next five to ten years?
  • What are the key opportunities and challenges facing the University over the coming five to ten years?
  • What are the greatest strengths or most important features of the University of Windsor that the next President and Vice-Chancellor should preserve or enhance?
  • What are the key priorities for the new President and Vice-Chancellor in the first term?
  • What qualifications, experience and/or professional and personal attributes should the President and Vice-Chancellor possess to be successful?
The mandate and profile of the next President are outlined in the Executive Brief. 
2.  Executive Brief
Executive Brief and Position Profile Approved by the Board and Posted
3.  Developing List of Candidates 
Search Firm Develops List of Candidates
4.  Developing Short-List of Candidates
Search Committee Develops Short-List of Candidates
5.  Interviews
First and Second Interviews
6.  Preferred Candidate
Preferred Candidate presented to an in camera Joint Board/Senate Meeting, with approval sought at an in camera Board Meeting immediately following the Joint Meeting