Senate Bylaws

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1: Senate Membership and Election Procedures

2: Senate Rules of Procedure

3: Senate Standing Committees

5: AAU Heads - Heads of Departments and Directors of Schools

8: Associate Deans

10: Deans of Faculties

11: Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning

12: Associate Vice-President, Student Experience 

13: Associate Vice-President, Academic

14: Provost and Vice-President, Academic

15: The President

16: Vice President, Research and Innovation

17: Associate Vice President Research

20: Types and Terms of Appointments

22: Committees and Procedures on Renewal, Tenure and Promotion

23: Criteria for Renewal, Tenure and Promotion

30: Election Procedures for Student Representation

32: Procedural Irregularities and Discrimination Regarding Academic Instruction, Academic Evaluation and Academic Grade Appeals

33: Student Rights and Freedoms

40: Academic Administrative Units

42: Faculty of Graduate Studies

44: Departmentalized Faculty

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