PhD Program

The objective of the PhD program in Social Work at the University of Windsor is to prepare students for careers in academia, policy development, or administration. There are three features of this program that make it unique: 

  1. The focus on, and intersection of, all three of the critical components of academic work and employment at an advanced level: research, education, and leadership in community and workplace settings;
  2. The overarching conceptual framework of civic engagement; and
  3. A curriculum which is inclusive of a range of epistemological and research approaches (including mixed, qualitative, and quantitative) and how they apply to all stages of the research, education, and leadership processes.

The PhD in Social Work program is designed as a full-time four year doctoral program

  • For MSW degree holders
  • Courses in research, education and leadership centred around civic engagement
  • Offering graduate and research assistantships and sessional teaching positions
  • Range of learning opportunities outside the classroom such as the School's speaker series highlighting research of Social Work faculty, workshops and seminars on research ethics, and professional development

For further information on the PhD Program please contact:

Dr. Patrick Selmi
Associate Professor and PhD Program Coordinator
Phone:  519-253-3000 ext. 3080

First PhD student cohort