Intake and Registration


Students seeking academic accommodation for an ongoing, diagnosed disability (whether permanent or temporary) must begin the process by completing the Student Accessibility Services Online Intake Form. Once this is done, you will be contacted to arrange a meeting with an Advisor.

Complete the online intake form here

During the initial intake appointment, students will be asked to provide basic information about themselves and their disability-related academic needs. It is recommended that when possible, students be prepared to provide documentation of the disability for which accommodations are being sought.

Your Intake Advisor will review your current documentation with you and provide you with clear direction if new or additional documentation is required.

For more information about documentation requirements, please review the Guidelines for Documentation of Disability web page.

As well, students who require the support of a Service Animal, must review the Policy on Presence of Service Animals before completing SAS' online intake form.


It is often the case that intake and registration with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) can be completed in one appointment with the same advisor.

However, in circumstances where new or additional documentation of disability is required, it may be necessary for students to return for a follow-up appointment(s) in order to complete the registration process.

At that time, the appropriateness of the documentation, accommodation options and SAS policies and procedures will be discussed. In some circumstances, interim accommodations will be provided while we assist students through the process of providing appropriate documentation of disability.

Academic accommodations will be provided if there is a demonstrated and direct impact on academic performance as the result of a disability.

Advisors will recommend appropriate means of meeting accommodation needs and once approved, those recommendations will be stated in a formal "Letter of Accommodation" which the student is required to submit to each instructor in a given semester.

Please note that students in programs other than education or law are required to meet with an Advisor at the beginning of every semester in order to formally request services for that semester, review their accommodations and if necessary, update documentation.

However, should a student wish to waive the right to meet with their Advisor each term, an Express Registration Form may be completed at the beginning of every semester and submitted to

Again, due to the nature of their programs of study, students in education or law programs are only required to register with SAS at the beginning of their academic year.