UWinAward Profile Process

Current Students 

Starting in 2019-2020, applying for scholarships and bursaries will be changing.  Instead of applying to specific awards, students will be required to submit one or more profiles that will be assigned and available on their student self-service 'Student Homepage Task Tile'.

The 2019-2020 UWinAward Profile process will be available the week of September 9, 2019.





(Step 1) Financial Aid - UWinAward Consideration Request
-- This activity guide confirms to us that you would like to be considered for UWindsor based awards and allows for us to send you the appropriate application profiles for you to complete.

(Step 2) Financial Aid - UWinAward Application - [Name of Profile]
-- You will be assigned one or more profiles to complete depending on your situation within 24 hours of advising us that 'yes', you would like to be considered.

All undergraduate students will be assigned the following profiles:
  • UWinAward - General Profile

  • UWinAward - Campus, Community, Social Justice, Leadership & Entreprenuership Profile (CCSJLE)

If you are a student athlete or registered as an exchange student, you should be assigned the following profiles:

  • UWinAward - Athlete Profile

  • UWinAward - Exchange Profile

Each undergraduate student will also be assigned one or more faculty based profiles.

Graduate students will be assigned the Graduate Student Profile for general need and donor-sponsored awards on  Friday, October 4, 2019.  For graduate specific scholarships, please refer to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more detailed information on the processes associated with Graduate scholarships.  A sample of the fillable .PDF templates (that are also available from within your profile) are available below.

Important Note for International Students: Most undergraduate scholarships and bursaries available are limited to Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents or students with Protected Person status.  You are invited to submit your request for consideration however, there will be limited awards that are available.  As we work through this new process over the next few months, we will develop additional resources for international students to understand what awards they can be considered for and the associated profiles and templates that should be completed.

The Activity Guide and Form tool is most compatible with Google Chrome.  You will also need to download the free version of Adobe Acrobat in order to complete your templates offline in order to upload them through your form to your profile.  Do not complete your templates using an on-line viewer as they will not save or upload properly.

The deadline for all undergraduate student profiles for the 2019-2020 academic year is January 31 however, there will be adjudication points for various awards which are noted by the award deadline as identified if you search for specific awards on the 'Award Search'. Early submission of your profiles will maximize consideration for all awards based on the adjudication timeline below.  Condideration may still be given after these dates depending on the award and depending on the applicant pool at the time of the intital adjudication.  For example, if there are no students who submitted responses to question 123 or who don't meet the criteria for ABC need-based award (which would normally be adjudicated in November), we will review the applicant pool once again in February, once the process closes.

Adjudication Timelines
Awarding Process: Profile Due Date:
Law Entrance & In-Course Merit & Need-Based Awards September 30, 2019
Undergraduate (including Education) Need-Based Awards October 31, 2019
Undergraduate (including Education) Merit-Based Awards November 15, 2019
Graduate Endowment Need-Based Awards January 15, 2020
Final Deadline* January 31, 2020


* There are some awards that are adjudicated in the winter term, based on fall term grades.  There are also some awards that are adjudicated after May 1 as they are based on winter term grades or are graduating awards.


Course Load Requirements for Scholarship/Bursary Payments
Entrance Scholarships 80%
In-Course Scholarships 80%

Need-Based Awards

  • Some exceptions may be made at the time of awarding for need-based awards if the OSAP assessed course load is 60% or 40% for students with a permanent disability.









If you are a student with a permanent disability, are unable to take a full-course load and you have not applied for OSAP, please ensure that you self-identify on the General Profile and provide the supporting documentation requirement in order for an accommodation of course-load to be considered.

There are many awards which use the same criteria and so with this new process, we will only be asking you for your information once.

The templates that you will download, complete and upload can be reused every year.  You can download them and save them to your computer, update them as required and have them ready for upload for the next academic year.

This new process allows you to start your profile, save and then continue at a later time and allows you to upload your supporting documentation.

If you wish to be considered only for awards that are nomination based (faculty-based nominations) or are assigned (given to the student with the highest mark in a course), you are not required to complete a UWinAward profile.  You will be automatically considered for awards should you meet the minimum requirements of the award.

  • Start your profile by clicking on the link in your 'tasks' list either on your 'Applicant' or 'Student' Homepage
  • Read the instructions page first to understand how to upload your templates and your supporting documentation
  • Read each question carefully and only check off the questions that apply to you and to which you will be uploading a completed tempate or supporting documentation
  • Templates have been created for each question that requires a response
  • If you are uploading supporting documentation (not a template) use the documentation code indicated
  • When prompted to 'save' prior to being able to go to the next form, you must go back to the 'Forms' tab to save your work.
  • The Activity Guide and Form tool is most compatible with Google Chrome.

  • You will also need to download the free version of Adobe Acrobat in order to complete your templates offline in order to upload them through your form to your profile.  Do not complete your templates using an on-line viewer as they will not save or upload properly.

  • Templates have been provided for each question requiring a short answer or essay type response
  • Be sure to download the template and save it to your desktop prior to completing
  • Once completed, save to your desktop and then upload to the associated form that has the specific question that you are responding to
  • Do not complete the template in your browser as it may not save properly
  • You may add a page two to your template however, please do not exceed two pages
  • Be sure to use the file/save convention as indicated on the instructions page:
    • TemplateID_LASTNAME_FirstName_StudentID
    • The Template ID will be prepopulated in the save field when you try to 'save as'
  • Some questions require supporting documentation or documentation from a third party (reference)
  • Each question requiring supporting documentation has an assigned document code
  • Please use the file/save convention when uploading supporting documentation:
    • LASTNAME_FirstName_StudentID_DocumentCODE

Please be sure to enter your Social Insurance Number (SIN) on your student profile page. It is required in order for the University of Windsor to comply with Canada Revenue Agency's requirement for the issuance of a T4A

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations require the University to issue T4A slips for all scholarships, bursaries and awards disbursed to students in a given calendar year. If you have received a scholarship, bursary or award from the University of Windsor and have not provided the University with your Social Insurance Number (SIN), you will receive communications to input your SIN on UWinsite Student via your student profile page

For more information, see Canada Revenue Agency publication P105 entitled "Students and Income Tax", and refer to the Canada Revenue Web site Line 323 for further information on your tuition tax credits.

Non-Canadian citizens will not be issued a Social Insurance Number unless they seek employment in Canada. If you are granted a scholarship, bursary or award and do not have a SIN please visit the Service Canada website for information on how to apply for a SIN.

Fillable .PDF templates are available from within the student profiles however, they are also provided here for your use.  Once completed however, they must be uploaded to your student profile.

Entering Student Profile
UWAENT095Q040 School and community involvement.
UWAENT095Q055 Organized sports in the town of Lasalle.
UWAENT095Q090 Exceptional circumstances, impact on educ. progress.
UWAENT095Q095 Special circumstances, general.
UWAENT095Q100 Specific field, subject, research interests.
UWAENT095Q105 Motivation to do creative work.
UWAENT096Q030 How choice program will benefit the public interest.


Graduate Student Profile
UWAGDR070Q005 Contributions to environ. science or environ. engineering.
UWAGDR070Q010 Breast or prostate cancer research.
UWAGDR070Q015 Clinical research.
UWAGDR070Q020 Women's issues research.
UWAGDR070Q025 Age-related changes in human functioning research.
UWAGDR070Q030 Community mental health or community health interest.
UWAGDR070Q035 Special circumstances.




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