Clipboard Sign Up Concerns

The Office of Student Experience has received several inquiries from students about clipboards that have been circulating in classes across campus asking for students to provide their contact information.  

Student Experience and Campus Community Police are advising students not to provide their personal information to anyone or any organization that does not identify themselves or where their contact information is not clearly displayed on any signup sheet.  

Student Experience has confirmed that the organization that is collecting this information is attempting to recruit students for Ontario-based employment opportunities in spring/fall 2019. Due to the nature of their recruitment practices, the Office of Student Experience would urge student to carefully consider any emails, phone calls or texts from any person or company looking to conduct an interview with you for the purpose of employment or a business opportunity during the spring, summer of 2019. Exercise due diligence should you elect to engage with these people. If you have any concerns about the nature of their call, end your call, or do not reply to their emails.

There has been information circulating that persons circulating these sign-up forms have motives which are more sinister than a summer job opportunity.  To be clear, there are no indications that this information is being collected for any purpose other than what is outlined above.     

Should you have any concerns about someone trying to collect your personal information in class, please call Campus Community Police (519) 253-3000 ext. 4444.  University instructors have also been advised of this situation.