Chemistry and Physics

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry and Physics

Honours Chemistry and Physics is a good choice if you want to attack problems of a chemical nature with a solid understanding of the underlying physics.

Physical chemistry or chemical physics leads to the development of materials such as superconductors, luminescent materials and industrial catalysts, as well as synthetic methods (e.g. pharmaceutical industry) and novel, organized structures with the potential to be utilized as “nano-machines”. 

  • Interdisciplinary
  • Emphasizes both theoretical training and practical experience
  • Focuses on a variety of phenomena at the interface of chemistry and physics
  • Taught from a problem-solving perspective
  • Promotes undergraduate research with the unique Chemistry Research Internship Program (CRISP) scholarship

Program Description

BSc Honours Chemistry and Physics (with and without thesis) is a good choice if you want to specialize in physical chemistry or chemical physics. This program has an enhanced focus on physical chemistry and physics. It explores the characterization of matter using various types of spectroscopy, theoretical methods, and other instrumentation such as microscopes, lasers and X-ray diffractometers. Students can take advanced courses in both physics and chemistry.

Students can choose the Materials Stream to gain more expertise in the chemistry of synthetic and bio-materials. Some courses are also available on-line that are part of an on-line Certificate in Materials Chemistry. Students can also participate in our work integrated learning option that involves a paid 8-12-month internship at industry (pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, etc.) and organizations (governmental, communal, health, etc.).

This program is different from a double major. Students wishing to double major in Physics and Chemistry should enrol in the Combined Honours Program.

To see a sample first-year schedule, visit the online Guide to Registration website, click on the “Science Programs” link on the left, and select the specific program(s) in which you are interested. 

Course Descriptions - Chemistry and Physics

Faculty - Faculty of Science

Department - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum admission average of 70%
  • Secondary average of 70%
  • Mean admission average of 86%
  • ENG4U, SCH4U, MHF4U, plus one of SPH4U or SBI4U. MCV4U is strongly recommended. SPH4U is recommended.

Science second average is the average of all science and math courses.

Experimental Learning

Students in the Chemistry and Physics program enjoy both a broad range of courses and extensive lab time, providing the unique combination of academics and hands-on experience for which employers look.

Career Tracks

  • Graduate work in either area
  • Industry research and development
  • Academic research or teaching
  • Positions in government agencies or laboratories 

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