Communication, Media and Film

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours or General) in Communication, Media and Film

Media are all around us. We are now, more than ever, individually and collectively immersed in mediated environments, forever connected to social networks, constantly communicating via new media platforms and mobile devices, and consuming the products of media culture in ways that were once unimaginable.

The content we receive and create through these various media influence how we think, what we think about, how we conduct our everyday lives and how we experience the world.

Students in Communication, Media and Film are at the centre of exploring the most dynamic changes in our increasingly complex media landscape as well as the broader cultural, social, economic and political implications of contemporary and emergent technologies.

  • Provides state-of-the-art facilities that feature industry standard equipment and software for students interested in digital media production
  • Offers opportunities for internship placements to obtain hands-on experience in such areas as: media production/post-production; advertising, marketing and public relations; audience research; public advocacy; and community/alternative media
  • Prepares students for a vast array of professional careers in the media/ cultural industries, advertising/PR and the ever-expanding digital/ creative economy
Program Description
Be at the centre of exploring the most dynamic changes in our increasingly complex media landscape as well as the broader cultural, social, economic, and political implications of contemporary and emergent technologies.  Our program blends theory and practice, and teaches you the skills necessary to interpret and critically engage our media-saturated world. We offer a four-year Honours BA in Communication, Media and Film and a three-year General BA in Communication, Media and Film.
Additionally, we offer combined honours programs in Communication, Media and Film and Dramatic Art; Communication, Media and Film and Visual Arts; and other combined honours programs, where Communication, Media and Film can be paired with other subjects including English, political science, sociology, history, and many others.
You can customize your postsecondary education by focusing on one or more of our “Paths of Study” such as: new/social media and digital culture; digital media production; advertising, public relations and social/new media message design; popular culture and media literacy; film studies and cinema history, communication theory, policy and research methods. Or, you can take a variety of courses from any of these areas, depending on your interests and professional goals.
Our program will give you a comprehensive understanding of the converged media environment and enable you to develop the conceptual and creative proficiencies necessary to pursue a broad range of careers in media-related fields. Those interested in media production are able to expand their artistic imaginations and gain industry standard training to make their own media, to find their own voice, and to tell their own stories across a variety of digital formats.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U required.

Students may choose to double major in any BA Honours program.

Student Support
We offer exceptional production facilities, a complete range of advanced, industry-standard digital video and sound equipment for both field and studio production and state-of-the art postproduction labs.
Our teaching and studio facilities are complemented by opportunities on campus and off-campus media outlets including CJAM Radio, The Lance student newspaper, Cogeco Cable, CBC-Windsor and local production houses. You may also take internship courses through arranged placements at a wide variety of business, community, advertising, public relations, non-profit and media organizations. 
  • Advertising, public relations and message design
  • Communication/media specialist for private sector, governmental, nongovernmental and community organizations
  • Media production and post-production across various platforms (television, film, and digital, interactive, social and mobile media)
  • Marketing and strategic communications
  • Research and analysis for media, private sector, governmental, non-governmental and community organizations
  • Writing and content creation for traditional and new/social media platforms
  • Public opinion and audience research
  • Public advocacy and community/alternative media
  • Education (with additional studies)
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