Drama and Education

(5 year Concurrent General Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Bachelor of Education)

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Bachelor of Arts (General) in Drama/Bachelor of Education

This program allows you to complete a three-year Bachelor of Arts in Drama with two-year Education program, concurrently. This program is for students interested in teaching at the Intermediate level (7-12). You will experience first-hand the benefits of using drama as a vehicle to teaching and learning. Required courses provide a solid foundation from which you can build a solid teaching career. You will have the option to complete an honours degree by completing a sixth year. Building a second teachable is necessary for this program to teach at the intermediate level (Grades 7-12).

  • Program prepares individuals to teach at the intermediate and senior levels (grades 7 – 12), with a particular emphasis on teaching Drama and a second teachable. Intermediate Senior candidates choose two teaching subjects. 
  • Options for Concurrent Drama second teachable: English, History, French (ten courses required for second teachable), Health and Physical Education, Music – Vocal or Instrumental (ten courses required for second teachable), Visual Art, Social Sciences.
  • Graduates of this program will receive two degrees and will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for teaching Drama in the English language school system (Public or Roman Catholic school system) and fulfill the requirements for recommendation for certification to the Ontario College of Teachers.
  • Offers students the opportunity to begin working towards teaching certification early in their academic careers.
  • Practice Teaching begins in Year One of the program. 
  • Enrolment limited to 20 students.

Minimum Admission Average: 75%

ENG4U required.

For admission to the General BA in Drama, students will be selected based on a successful workshop/interview process.

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