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Bachelor of Engineering Technology

Engineering technology is a field of study that focuses on the applications of engineering and modern technology in areas such as product improvement, manufacturing, construction, and engineering operational functions.

The University of Windsor's Faculty of Engineering has launched a new program in Engineering Technology that will prepare its grads for the job market.

Program Description
Developed especially for those who hold one of the following:
  • A three-year technology diploma from a Canadian college (or an equivalent overseas Institution)
  • An engineering degree from an accredited Canadian university (or an equivalent overseas institution)
  • A four-year university degree in a scientific or technical subject from a Canadian University (or an equivalent overseas institution)
Duration of the program:
  • On a full-time basis, it can be completed in three consecutive semesters (i.e. one full year.)
  • International students normally complete the degree in a minimum of four terms
  • The maximum duration for completion of the degree is four years
Co-op opportunities may be available in the future.

Normally at least a 70% average from your completed college diploma or equivalent.

Because of the limited number of seats available, a 75% average is recommended.

  • Product design
  • Testing
  • Development
  • Systems engineering
  • Field engineering
  • Technical operations
  • Quality control
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