English Literature and Creative Writing

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Literature and Creative Writing

You have something to say, and you want to reach and move others. You want to develop your own expressive and creative potential. You want to use your writing skills as a force in the world, wherever your passion and commitment take you. With a BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor you will have a full academic honours degree in addition to intensive, year-by-year training in writing, editing, and publishing. This is a unique program that provides rigorous academic studies with practical, experiential learning opportunities.

  • Combines critical and literary study with workshops in creative writing led by published, award-winning authors
  • Involves reading and critiquing of creative work in small classes by established writers and student peers
  • Includes consultations with Resident Writing Professional, visiting authors (including internationally recognized poets, playwrights and novelists), and/or student Writers In Residence, as well as a professional author serving as Writer In Residence
  • Offers an extensive basis of knowledge through a series of public readings and talks
  • Stimulates the development of critical and creative skills
  • Includes practicum courses in editing, publishing and web-based writing and editing
Program Description
In its combination of academic and hands-on creative writing courses, our Creative Writing degree program is one of only a few of its kind in Canada. We provide individual attention through both full-year workshops and topics courses, as well as from professionals in a supportive small-group environment.
In addition to your concentration in Creative Writing, you will study a wide range of great writers past and present, honing your own perceptive and expressive skills in the process.
We offer unparalleled opportunities to work closely with Canada’s most eminent writers and publishers through our faculty, visiting readers, the Writer in Residence, and our Resident Writing Professional.
Our small classes and sense of community help Creative Writing students to develop lifelong skills and friendships.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U required. 

EWC4U is recommended. 

Students may choose to double major in any BA Honours program. 

Admission to Creative Writing courses is competitive, by portfolio submission only. To be considered, you must submit 10-15 pages of your best work and a standard exercise at the end of your first year.

Experiential Learning
Creative Writing provides professional training and many opportunities to publish. We also offer unique practicum courses in Digital Editing and Publishing where students work closely with Canadian authors in the production of their forthcoming books.
  • Writing and the creative arts
  • Editing
  • Publishing
  • Media
  • Journalism
  • Law (with additional studies)
  • Communications
  • Education (with additional studies)
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