Forensics Combined Degree with Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

forensic student in lab

Bachelor of Arts in Forensics (Combined Honours)

Forensic Sciences are distinguished by the use of science to analyze evidence and solve crimes. The field of study is the application of knowledge of an area of natural or social sciences to crime scene investigation.

Forensic Sciences is multidisciplinary and combines knowledge of forensics techniques with disciplinary subject specialization. Multiple career paths are possible depending upon students’ areas of interest.

The University of Windsor has two degrees in forensics:

  • Bachelor of Forensic Science Honour (with Science specializations)
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours (Forensics combined with a Social Science)

In both programs, classroom and laboratory experiences emphasize the identification, preservation and analysis of evidence, while developing interpersonal, public-speaking, and critical-thinking skills.

Students learn about reporting and presenting forensic evidence in courts, and study aspects of law, criminality, judicial systems, and the importance of high ethical standards in forensic investigations.

Program Description
  • Combines Forensics with such other major programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences as: Criminology; Psychology; Philosophy; Political Science; English; French; and Anthropology
  • Teaches methods of collecting and handling evidence, legal issues associated with analysis of evidence, and standards in legal investigations
  • Can be tailored to pursue further studies at the graduate level
The Combined Bachelor of Arts Honours develops a background of forensic science with an interdisciplinary focus in the social sciences or humanities.
To see a sample first-year schedule, visit the online Guide to Registration website, click on the “Science Programs” link on the left, and select the specific program(s) in which you are interested. 

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

Mean Admission Average: 84%

ENG4U, SBI4U and MHF4U required. MCV4U is strongly recommended.

Admission requirements for both programs must be met. Can only be combined with programs from the Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.


This program is ideal for students planning to follow careers in the social sciences, law, policing (including pattern evidence forensics), or social justice. You can expand your career options by combining any of the Arts, Humanities and Social Science areas.

  • Business
  • Law (with additional studies)
  • Social sciences
  • Management and civil services
  • Police and security services
  • Forensic sciences - in the social science disciplines
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