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Bachelor of Science (General)

The General Science program gives you maximum flexibility to explore the sciences in a three-year degree program. 

Program Description
The BSc General Science program is a great way to explore your interests in science. Build a solid academic foundation in two core science areas chosen from biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, computer science, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, physics, and economics. There is room in the program to explore other areas of interest as well.
Many students transfer to any of the more specialized four-year BSc Honours programs, an easy transition with appropriate course selection. Some students choose to build a solid science foundation with their three-year General Science degree, then add specialized technical lab skills with a one- or two-year college program.
With program counseling and careful planning, a three-year, general degree in science can fulfill requirements to proceed to further professional training in health, education, law and business.
To see a sample first-year schedule, visit the online Guide to Registration website, click on the “Science Programs” link on the left, and select the specific program(s) in which you are interested.
BSC (General Science) Three-Year Degree

The General Science program is ideal for students who wish to explore more than one area of science, who may be undecided about which subjects to study at the university. It’s a great place to start your university career.

BSC (General Science) Degree Completion For Medical Laboratory Technologists

This unique program grants medical laboratory technologists up to 17 course credits towards the 30-credit BSc (General Science) degree. It can be completed through our distance education courses or through any mixture of distance and in class training. You can earn a more specialized BSc degree in science by completing the remaining courses on campus.


Minimum Admission Average: 70%

Secondary Average: 70%*

ENG4U, MHF4U, and two of SCH4U, SBI4U or SPH4U required. MCV4U is strongly recommended.

*Math second average is the minimum average of all math courses.

Student Support
General Science students are supported by dedicated and accessible advisors in the Faculty of Science office. Program advisors help you explore career options and match your course choices to your aspirations. They also help you choose and change programs if you wish to pursue a more specialized science program.
  • Law (with additional studies)
  • Accounting (with additional studies)
  • Education (with additional studies)
  • Health
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