Interdisciplinary Arts and Science

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Bachelor of Arts and Science (Honours)

The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program is designed for exceptional students who want a well-rounded and challenging education in the arts, social and natural sciences to prepare themselves for the ever-changing world of work in the 21st century.

Our program offers valuable experience in research into issues of personal and public concern. 

Program Description
If you're a highly motivated student who wants knowledge and skills that will familiarize you with the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, this elite program is for you. This program combines a solid basis in science fields while developing communication, information processing and critical-thinking skills.
You can design your program to match your interests and career aspirations and combine several areas to fulfill your degree.
The Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences offers programs in the social sciences, social work, all the fine arts and a robust selection of humanities.
Our Faculty of Science offers laboratory experiences, research opportunities, and undergraduate thesis possibilities for many programs.
The Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program emphasizes critical thinking and argument. Throughout, you will take courses designed to foster your skills of inquiry.
In the third and fourth years, you will take courses in applied research and methods of inquiry. In addition to developing your research skills and involving you in topics of public concern, these courses will develop your abilities and confidence as a writer and speaker.
Customize your degree. Choose from double major concentrations; major concentration with double minors; or major concentration with a minor. Consultation with the program chair is advised.
  • Limited to students with 80% and above
  • Majors - 12 courses; minors - 6 courses
  • Select courses are reserved only for Arts and Science majors
  • All students get first-year science courses, a must for those applying to medical school

Minimum Admission Average: 80%

ENG4U, MHF4U, and two from: SBI4U, SCH4U or SPH4U required.

MCV4U is strongly recommended.

Experiential Learning
The Faculty of Science offers laboratory experiences, research opportunities and undergraduate thesis possibilities for many programs.

Most students in Interdisciplinary Arts and Science continue to master’s programs or to professional schools:

  • Master’s programs
  • Professional schools (medicine, optometry, dentistry, occupational therapy, naturopathic medicine, law, MBA, pharmacy)
  • Teaching (with additional studies)
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