General Science and Education

(5-Year Concurrent General Bachelor of Science (General Science) and Bachelor of Education)

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Concurrent General Bachelor of Science (General Science) and Bachelor of Education
  • Offered jointly over five years by the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education.
  • Prepares individuals to teach at the intermediate and senior levels (grades 7 – 12), with a particular emphasis on teaching one of Physics, Biology or Chemistry and a second teachable.
  • Essential that students receive academic advising from the Faculty of Science before registering for each semester of studies in the Science component of the program. With appropriate course selection during the degree it may be possible to plan to obtain a four year Honours degree in the First Teachable area with one additional year of study.
  • Students should consult the Faculty of Education website for a list of teachables and combinations of permitted Second Teachables. All students should see an advisor in the Faculty of Science and in the Faculty of Education on a regular basis to discuss course selection and academic progress.
  • Possible to satisfy the requirements for Second Teachable in Health and Physical Education or General Arts and Social Sciences through careful course selection when fulfilling the requirements for courses from “any area of study”.
  • Graduates of this program will receive two degrees and will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for teaching one of Physics, Biology or Chemistry and one other subject in the English language school system (Public or Roman Catholic) and fulfill the requirements to be recommended for certification to the Ontario College of Teachers.
  • Offers students the opportunity to begin working towards teaching certification early in their academic careers. Students can qualify for the Bachelor of Science degree while concurrently studying education and doing practice teaching in schools.
  • Practice Teaching courses begin in Year One of the program.
  • Students must successfully complete the Bachelor of Science (General Science) degree program to be eligible to graduate with a Bachelor of Education degree.
  • Enrollment is limited to 20 students.

Minimum Admission Average: 80%

Secondary Average: 70% 

ENG4U, MHF4U, and two of SCH4U, SBI4U or SPH4U is required for applicants from high school. MCV4U is strongly recommended.

Admission is to first-year only with a minimum of 80%.

A second science and math average of 70% is required.

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