Automotive Engineering (with optional Co-op)

Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering - Automotive Option

Mechanical Engineering includes two broad areas of study: thermofluids (which involves heat and power) and solid mechanics (designing mechanical parts, determining the forces on those parts during operation, and analyzing their performance as part of larger machines and systems.)

  • Explores the exciting automotive industry in one of Canada’s original and most diverse programs in automotive engineering education
  • Study such topics as vehicle dynamics, internal combustion engines, diesel technology, and fuel cell technologies. A highlight is the opportunity to design, build and race vehicles in events sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers

Course Descriptions - Mechanical Engineering

Faculty - Faculty of Engineering

Department - Mechanical, Automotive, & Materials Engineering

Admission Requirments

  • Minimum admission average of 74%
  • Secondary average of 74%
  • Mean admission average of 86%
  • All programs take a common first year.
  • ENG4U, MHF4U, SCH4U and SPH4U required. MCV4U is strongly recommended.

Engineering second average is the average of all math and science courses except biology.

Career Tracks

Graduates can be found at all levels of engineering and management from small private companies to larger, multinational corporations, and government ministries and services.

  • State-of-the-art manufacturing and production
  • Business
  • Government
  • Systems design/operation/building/maintenance
  • Consulting
  • Transportation
  • Pollution control and prevention
  • Advanced computing and communications
  • Medicine and medical technology
  • Bio-based engineering
  • Research and development
  • Structural design
  • Failure analysis
  • Construction and infrastructure renewal
  • Scheduling and optimization
  • Automotive industry
  • Environmental protection
  • Project, process and systems management
  • Robotics and advanced electronics
  • Power generation and distribution

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Mechanical Engineering with Automotive Engineering Option (BASc) (Co-op)

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