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Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (Honours Combined Program)

Explore a new language, the process of language acquisition and the culture associated with it. We offer concentrations in German, Italian and Spanish. No prior knowledge of the language is required; if you have prior knowledge, you will be placed appropriately with placement determined by a program counselor.

Small classes and innovative, double-credit courses deliver two years in one. You can specialize in one language, two languages, or a language combined with a non-language option. Our Year Abroad program option is offered to students taking one language.

Or, combine our minor and certificate language programs with the university’s business, engineering, kinesiology, science and fine arts degree programs to give you a powerful skill set.

This program provides exchange opportunities in Germany, Italy, Mexico, Chile and Spain. 

If you choose the second language certificate option:

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Modern Languages with Year Abroad

We offer this program in the German, Italian or Spanish language and culture streams, with no prior language training required. You will take language training courses, plus courses in history, modern life and classical and contemporary literature and cinema.

This program is unique in Canada because you must spend your third year at a university in the country of your studied language and culture—a tremendous asset to any potential employer or graduate school. Tuition costs at the foreign university will be the same as UWindsor. Scholarships, bursaries and work opportunities in the foreign country are available.

Language Concentrations Offered
For more details, please visit the following concentrations being offered:

All of these can be completed with the Second Language Education Certificate.


Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U required. 

Majors in any language but French do not require prior high school language courses and will be assessed and placed appropriately upon program entrance.

Students may choose to double major in any BA Honours program.

**Must be combined with another program. Please see program description above.

Experiential Learning
Learn—and live—by studying overseas. Take a summer program. Spend a year in Italy, Germany, Spain, Chile or Mexico. Your studies abroad count towards your degree, and you’ll take innovative, experiential courses that enable you to explore your new country with a discerning eye. Exchange students from abroad, and our UWindsor International Office will support your initiative to study overseas.
  • Teaching Spanish, Italian or German as a second language (with additional studies)
  • Teaching English as a second language in Canada or around the world
  • Speech-language pathology/therapy
  • Travel and tourism
  • International business
  • Federal and provincial civil services
  • Social work (with additional studies)
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