French & Modern Languages - Spanish

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in French Studies & Modern Languages - Spanish

The French Studies and Modern Languages program allows you to train in both French and another language option – such as Spanish.  

Program Description
Through French Studies, students can master a second language and gain an invaluable advantage, especially in the Canadian workforce. Students will gain a varied and comprehensive course of study including courses in language training, linguistics, the literatures and the cultures of the francophone world.
By adding the Modern Languages program and focusing on Spanish, students will be able to explore a third language, the process of language acquisition, and the culture associated with it. No prior knowledge of Italian is required. Our Year Abroad option is offered to students taking one language, with exchange opportunities in Mexico, Chile, and Spain.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U required.

Any Grade 12U French required

  • Communications specialist
  • Public relations officer
  • Speech pathologist
  • Industry instructor
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