History & Creative Writing

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and Creative Writing

The History and Creative Writing combined program provides students with training in both history and English literature and creative writing.

Program Description
Through history, students will study the great stories of the past. Students will be able to research and interpret history to better understand, and be prepared for, present-day events. This will allow students to appreciate, understand, internalize, and apply various historical and cultural perspectives to real-world situations. Students can choose from a diverse array of courses from North American, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern and African history, as well as women’s history, Aboriginal history, African-American/Canadian, Atlantic World, the Renaissance, military history, and popular culture, among others.
When combined with creative writing, students can understand the ways in which language and literature inform and reflect various cultures, social bodies, and historical periods. You will also gain year-by-year training in writing, editing, and publishing – an excellent passport to careers in publishing, editing, journalism, law, communications, teaching, public relations, business, marketing, and writing, from technical to creative.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U is required.

EWC4U is recommended for Creative Writing.

  • Border services official
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Immigration services
  • Communications specialist
  • Archivist 
  • Museum curator 
  • Librarian 
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