History & Political Science

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History and Poltical Science

The History and Political Science combined program provides students with training in both history and political science.

Program Description
Through history, students will study the great stories of the past. Students will be able to research and interpret history to better understand, and be prepared for, present-day events. This will allow students to appreciate, understand, internalize, and apply various historical and cultural perspectives to real-world situations.
Through political science, students will study power – who holds it, how it is exercised, how you can influence and gain access to power, and how our lives are influenced by politicians, bureaucrats, and other politically important institutions (including the courts, the Constitution, domestic and international organizations, etc.) and individuals. Through this program, students will explore the political, economic, social and environmental issues in Canada and around the world.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U is required.

  • Archivist
  • Museum curator
  • Tourism consultant
  • Journalist
  • Historical projects coordinator
  • Political aide
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