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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Music and English

The Music and English Language and Literature combined program is offered jointly through the School of Creative Arts and the Department of English Language and Literature to provide students with the opportunities to pursue studies in both areas.

Program Description
This is a flexible program that will allow you to pursue the rigorous, academic study of a wide variety of musical genres with the option of including a hands-on studio experience with classical or contemporary music.
The BA in Music is designed for those captivated by music and its role in social and cultural life. With its focus on academic study and the development of creative and critical-thinking skills, this four-year program provides excellent preparation for careers and graduate studies in music theory or music history and a range of careers in areas outside of music.
Writing is central to all English courses. You will discover the power of language and develop your own skills of research, analysis, organization, and expression. You will learn to read perceptively, opening your mind to other viewpoints and experiences. In your courses from first year on, you will work closely with some of the world’s leading scholars in areas such as gender studies, modern British literature, Gothic studies, American literature, Renaissance studies, and composition pedagogy.
Opportunities for effective readers and communicators abound. English is an excellent “passport degree” given the foundation it provides for careers in education, law, politics, publishing, communications, journalism, management, public relations, advertising, library science, and writing, from technical to creative.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U is required.

  • Careers and graduate studies in musicology and composition
  • Sound design, recording and media arts 
  • Archives and journalism
  • Publishing and editing
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