Philosophy & Criminology

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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Philosophy and Criminology

The Philosophy and Criminology combined program is offered jointly by the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology. This combined program gives students the flexibility to explore topics in both areas.

Program Description
Our Philosophy program is recognized for excellence in teaching and research and has an international reputation for work in informal logic and argumentation theory. Our faculty members are at the forefront of research into the roots of environmental problems, the possibility of artificial intelligence, women’s struggle for equality, and the future of democracy and a rational society.
As well, our Criminology program has the distinct virtue of being situated in an interdisciplinary department and, thus, uniquely provides students with both breadth and depth of knowledge. It has produced many distinguished graduates.
Criminology systematically examines criminal activity, legal issues, policing, regulation, the criminal justice system, and security as major factors in society. It focuses on the causes, consequences, and control of crimes, illegalities and wrongdoings, criminal law, policing, prosecution, sentencing, punishment, and deviance.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U is required.

  • Business and Civil Service
  • Social research agencies (public, private and community sectors)
  • Government (policy and research)
  • Any job that values careful, creative and critical thinking
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