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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology and Sociology 

The Psychology and Sociology combined program is offered jointly through our Department of Psychology and Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology to provide students the opportunity to study topics from both areas.

Program Description
A psychology degree can help you answer such questions as what makes people think and act the way they do? What causes people to interact with each other in functional and dysfunctional ways? To what extent do our personality and environment influence our behaviour? Our psychology courses cover such topics as: memory, motivation, and decision making; how the attitudes and actions of other people influence us; the origins and treatment of mental illness; human development from birth to death; and the way our cultural backgrounds shape the way we think and behave.
When combined with sociology, the study of societies, social life, and social change, students will investigate social, cultural and demographic issues in Canada and around the world. Topics covered include: sexuality, popular culture, inequality, migration, race, ethnicity, class, gender, values, health, family dynamics, law, social movements, institutions, and community.

Minimum Admission Average: 70%

ENG4U is required.

  • Government (research, policy development); military
  • Business (research and analysis, human resources, project management)
  • Health Care and Research
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